The Baking Process

Our Baking Process

At SOL Breads we only source high quality organic ingredients, where possible supporting local Australian farmers. The production of a loaf of SOL breads takes in the region of 24 hours from raw ingredients through to the finished product.

A SOL Breads loaf is nutured through the preparation and baking process. The dough is gently mixed together with the raw ingredients and Sol's natural leavening agent. All SOL Breads are yeast free.

In true artisan style, the range is hand crafted by our skilled bakers and being a genuine sourdough the shaped dough needs to rest before the baking process can commence. So wrapped in cloth, they are put to bed and left to rise slowly but surely in proving cabinets.

SOL Breads are baked the traditional way on stone sols, left to cool and delivered fresh both locally and Australia wide.