Did you know?

• Organic Sourdough bread is as old as the history of bread itself. Around 6,000 years ago humans first figured out how to promote the fermentation and leavening of grains to be baked into bread.

• Traditional sourdough bread is made using a starter (natural leaven) created when natural yeast (taken from the air) and lactobacilli bacteria (like that which you get in yoghurt) get to work to ferment an organic flour and water mixture.

• Our natural wheat leaven created a decade ago in the rain forest surrounding Byron Bay is the same starter we use today. We nurture and refresh every day four different leavens: wheat, spelt, rye and rice.

• Many bakeries promote sourdough bread, but in actual fact it is little more than slightly improved, white-yeasted bread with added old dough. SOL Breads is one of the very few Australian bakeries which produces bread in a totally yeast-free environment.

• Time makes the perfect loaf. A baker who uses baker's yeast can produce a loaf of bread from start to finish in just 90 minutes. We at SOL Breads require up to 26 hours to produce the same size loaf.

• Passion over automation! SOL Breads handcraft and stone bake every loaf.

• The name 'SOL Breads' originated from the stone (or 'sol') on which the bread is baked in the oven.

• It's only natural. No yeast, food chemicals, additives, or other agents are allowed in the bakery. To be recognized as a true sourdough bakery all these conditions must be adhered to.

• SOL Breads uses only certified organic stone ground flours and sources locally grown ingredients. SOL Breads is officially accredited as an organic processor by the OFC (Organic Food Chain).