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EasyGest bread is not gluten free.

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SOL Breads and BIOHAWK have worked together to produce the first commercial EasyGest bakery products with digested gluten.

I’m gluten intolerant; can I eat EasyGest bread?

Regular customers sensitive to gluten have eaten EasyGest bakery products and report they have not had any of their usual symptoms.  Extensive laboratory studies have confirmed the digestion of the gluten proteins in wheat and other cereal grains contained in products labeled EasyGest.

However, no guarantee can be given that some people who are extremely sensitive to gluten will not exhibit some of their symptoms.

I suffer with coeliac disease; can I eat EasyGest bread?

The EasyGest varieties are not 'Gluten Free'. SOL Breads also produce the yummiest range of 100% Gluten Free breads. Click here to view the range These are all available to buy from our online. If you are unsure always check with your health practitioner.

What does it taste like?

Our EasyGest loaves taste just like normal white, light sourdough bread; some people may experience a very slight ginger taste.

How am I able to eat a product containing wheat?

BIOHAWK’s special proprietary blend of ginger rhizomes is designed by nature to be able to digest gluten and related proteins in wheat and other flours, and reduce the risk of a gluten intolerant reaction. 

Are Easy-Gest products Gluten Free?

The products are not Gluten Free, but extensive testing involving gluten intolerant people resulted in no record of individuals having adverse effects after consuming EasyGest Bread.  If you have an adverse reaction please notify us immediately.

Are any chemicals added?

No, EasyGest products are 100% natural.

How are the Biohawk gingers added to the bread making process?

  • BIOHAWK gingers are introduced from the beginning of the leavening process working with the natural leavening microbes to break down the complex carbohydrates and proteins to lighten and soften the dough and to digest the gluten proteins at every stage of the bread making process.
  • The longer dough fermentation Sol Breads is famous for, in the presence of the BIOHAWK gingers, releases the nutrients for more efficient digestion early in the digestive tract protecting the immune system and allowing the nutrients to be metabolized as intended by nature. For more information visit

Why am I gluten intolerant?

Proteins such as gluten that cause food intolerance and allergy have structural elements that prevent our digestive systems from metabolizing the proteins efficiently. These structural elements contain amino acid sequences that are capable of over-sensitising a person’s immune system if the person has the gene that recognizes these amino acid sequences.  In Australia, more than 30% of the population has genes that react with gluten.  However, the symptoms of gluten intolerance will only be recognized after the person has had their immune system sensitised by:

  • Repeated overindulgence of cereal (grain) based foods.
  • Infection by a virus (or vaccination) or a bacterium that has proteins with similar structural elements as the food proteins.
  • High levels of stress such as intensive physical training.

Once sensitised, the immune system will respond to gluten and the person may suffer a broad range of conditions including autoimmune diseases, all of which should be considered as serious, and action should be taken promptly to seek professional medical advice.

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What health benefits should I expect?

• Regular customers of our EasyGest products report no bloating, rashes, heart burn or other symptoms relating to gluten intolerance, and a more ‘alive’ feeling.
• Longer dough fermentation in the presence of the BIOHAWK gingers releases the nutrients for more efficient digestion early in the digestive tract protecting the immune system and allowing the nutrients to be metabolized as intended by nature.
• Sourdough bread is a low GI food assisting in weight control by improving appetite control and delaying hunger.
• SOL’s organic grains are grown without the use of chemicals so your body does not ingest harmful substances that can burden the immune system.
• Stone ground flours have their nutrients fully available as they are not subjected to heat during the milling process.

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